Using Della: the construction industry

Typical use cases in construction

We help the construction industry save time and money

It is estimated that Legal Counsels can spend up to 30 hours reviewing a typical construction contract. Our latest brochure, Using Della: the construction industry, discusses why we believe we are a valued asset in the construction industry bid to decrease contract reviewal time.

Download this document to learn:

  • How the Della Platform works and how it can be applied to speed up the contract review process for the construction industry
  • The three specific construction use cases that can benefit from the use of Della
  • Understand which team members can use and benefit from the platform

Discover how the Della Platform can help accelerate this process and support with other legal obstacles typically found in the construction industry.

Who can Della's legal contract AI help?

The Della Platform has been built specifically for lawyers in law firms and in-house legal departments to use to accelerate their legal contract review using artificial intelligence (AI) during an audit or at the pre-signature stage.

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Law firms

Law firms of any size can benefit from the Della Platform’s AI capabilities to help with legal contract review for due diligence, compliance, lease analysis and more.

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Legal departments

Della easily integrates with your existing legal document and contract storage solution and helps you to track, organise and review historic and incoming contracts.


Getting started with Della is easy

Accelerate your contract review process and make faster business decisions today.

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