The Other AI: Augmented Intelligence in Law

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This podcast was organised by LegalTech Arcade

In this episode, Rob McAdam, VP of Product at BusyLamp and host of the LegalTech Arcade podcast chats with Christophe Frerebeau, Founder and CEO of Della.

Topic discussions

  • Introduction to Della and the problem it solves
  • From software engineer to legal tech founder
  • Why AI isn’t being used to its full extent in legal
  • Becoming the google of contract analysis
  • Augmented intelligence over artificial intelligence
  • Layering AI tools on top of popular voice services
  • How AI tools can support the full contract lifecycle
  • Use of AI in contract negotiation
  • The future of AI in law – what next?

The speakers

Christophe Frèrebeau

Christophe Frèrebeau

CEO, Della

Rob McAdam

Rob McAdam

VP of Product at BusyLamp | Host of the Legaltech Arcade podcast

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