The case for Augmented Intelligence – not Artificial

A lot of the problems with AI are our expectations. We would like our car to drive themselves but they are not ready, and we are even less ready to let them decide if they should kill us or not.

The same goes for business applications of AI. Most lawyers and businesses I meet would like an AI to review their contracts automatically, but they are not ready for the possibility of errors. 

This is a simple problem of expectations. 

Since our earliest discussions with clients at Della we have been advocating for Augmented Intelligence. The AI does the prediction and the human does the evaluation. If we look at Google, without a doubt the best AI company out there, they don’t use AI to replace us, but to help us. 

  • You decide which link is the right one among the search results
  • You decide if the text suggestion in Gmail is what you want to type

But by providing prompts and suggestions, Google is allowing us to do our task a lot faster.  As a business professionals you should have the same expectations from AI providers:

  • you will go faster,
  • you won’t be disappointed, and
  • you will be in control of the outcome.

That has been our vision since day one, and this is why Della has been designed to be used directly by the end user – the lawyers. When delivering augmented intelligence the user experience is even more important than predictive capabilities of the neural network.


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