Teaming up with Thomson Reuters to provide the best answers with AI

We are proud to announce that Della has recently become a Thomson Reuters Legal Professional Partner. This strategic partnership will help us get one step closer to our mission, to democratise AI for everyone.

Our state of the art AI capabilities empower law firms and legal departments alike to augment and automate their contact review. This is, however, only part of our offering and overall vision. At Della, we are moving beyond a point solution by providing an API which can integrate with other tools in order to facilitate a greater portion of legal work.

Thomson Reuters Corporation, known internationally as the ‘answer company,’ has an extensive portfolio of some of the most sophisticated legal service solutions on the market such as High Q, Contract Express and Practical Law. Now Della’s AI API, integrated with High Q, has been added to the list of providers.

An advocate of AI

Thomson Reuters has been vocal in their advocacy of artificial intelligence and the importance of bringing the human touch to this technology.

‘AI-powered solutions prevent that overwhelmed feeling you may get when faced with a huge amount of information, cutting through the chaff to provide faster answers and find behaviors and connections that wouldn’t have been obvious before, all in the blink of an eye.’

One step closer to our mission

As a technology partner, we have been recognised as an organisation that improves and complements Thomson Reuters’ legal and professional services solutions. The goal of the Thomson Reuters Legal Professionals Partner Program is to provide a ‘one-stop global marketplace that fosters cooperation, streamlines the buy-sell cycle and helps all involved achieve a competitive edge.’ 

At Della, our goal is to provide a best of breed AI solution to help lawyers and legal professionals to review contracts quickly and easily. Our mission is to democratise AI and make it available to anyone that needs it, and as such we have made an API available which can be integrated with other legal tech solutions to provide a more comprehensive toolkit for the modern lawyer.

We believe that this strategic partnership with Thomson Reuters will empower legal professionals across the globe to find the answers to their most pressing questions, quickly and efficiently.

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