Multijurisdictional M&A due diligence

Use cases for law firms

The importance of M&A due diligence

Della can support the review process of multijurisdictional M&A Due Diligence in one centralised system by analysing data points across multiple documents, regardless of the jurisdiction, language and type of legal document.

It is difficult to effectively pull data from numerous templates and flag the most crucial data points meaning important clauses might be overlooked. As a result, red flags are difficult to spot and M&A deals take a long time to get signed. 

Finding similar data points like ‘change of control’ , ‘assignment’ or ‘termination’ across thousands of legal documents is very difficult and significantly time-consuming.

Della enables you to ask a question in multiple languages and all you need to do is type it.

Download this use case to learn how the Della Platform can be utilised to increase the rate at which these deals can be reviewed.

How law firms use Della's AI for contract review

From large multijurisdictional M&A due diligence projects to niche projects, law firms can conduct their contract review with ease using the Della Platform

Multijurisdictional M&A due diligence

Della is pre-trained on standard M&A, due diligence questions and potentially problematic clauses.

Cross border deals

Della’s multiligual capabilities allows teams to upload documents in one language and ask questions in another.

Regulatory risk

Ask Della to use your compliance playbook to analyse client contracts and spot potential issues.

Lease analysis

Della can find standard lease provisions and metrics across a wide contract portfolio.

Force majeure

Della can detect contractual risks during the Covid-19 crisis.

Compliance with GDPR

Della can analyse Data Processing Agreements (DPAs) to help determine GDPR compliance.


Getting started with Della is easy

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