Multijurisdictional operations and deals

Use cases for legal departments

Multilingual AI and multijurisdictional deals

As company leaders seek new revenue opportunities by expanding into new markets, whether through cross-border sales activities or expanded operations, multijurisdictional deals become challenging.

Among these challenges is the post-merger review and application of standard terms across large batches of documents which is incredibly time-consuming.

While overseeing these deals, in-house legal counsels who are often trained in a single jurisdiction are also expected to navigate foreign frameworks. On top of that, they are also expected to manage counterparty risks.

Additionally, legal departments struggle with normalisation and consistency of terms across their documents, especially when dealing with different languages and jurisdictions.

Download this use case to learn how the Della Platform can be used by legal departments to navigate new markets and secure additional revenue.

Use cases for legal departments

Della’s accelerates contract review for legal departments which relieves time pressures and increases efficiency

Della helps legal departments stay up to date with regulatory changes with ease

Della’s translation capabilities and collaborative checklists reduces the need to outsource to foreign and/or external counsel


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