Della Product Update: February 2021

Custom reports and Word commentary

Date: 25 January, 2021

Della now allows you to use your own templates for reports and export your commentary as Word docs.

Now you can:

  • Use your own templates for reports – This is an experimental feature allowing users to upload a template with some keys and have Della populate it for you.
  • Download commented word docs – This experimental feature allows you to export comments from Della into a Word doc to assist with your review process. 
  • Change some user settings – We’ve combined some user settings into a dedicated user settings page.

Some of these features are still experimental, please exercise caution and/or talk to the Della team before using them for client critical matters

Bugs squashed:

  • Chat box was covering the scroll bar for some users when reviewing documents.
  • Using questions to navigate after OCR-ing a document was blocked.
  • Question histories weren’t updating fast enough.
  • Text highlighting was disabled after some uploadsW

Upgraded reports and client matter numbers

Date: Friday 18 December, 2020

Della can now include the parties extracted from documents (as well as other metadata) in checklists and in the reports you download from Della. If you are a law firm you can now also assign client and matter numbers to each of your projects. 

Minor improvements:

  • Remembering tabs – If you have selected a tab on a document (parties, checklists etc.) Della will now remember where you were if you change document.
  • Removing documents from a checklist – You can now remove a document from a checklist in the document menu. 


Bugs squashed:

  • Parties and metadata were occasionally not behaving as expected inside checklists.
  • Text location sometimes persisted between documents when changing between them. 
  • Some tables not updating quick enough.

Party extraction and percentage normalisations

Date: 28 October, 2020

Della can now help you extract the parties to a document more accurately and we’ve also upgraded some of the normalisations: 

  • Party extraction – Instead of having to tailor your questions for each document, Della will automatically extract the parties and some of their information in the new parties tab.
  • Percentage normalisation – We can now extract percentages like amounts or durations.


Bugs squashed:

  • Detailed reports were, in some rare cases, not showing the data in the format expected.
  • Users were losing their place in the document list when they updated a checklist.
  • Assorted pdf bugs.

We love to hear your feedback

Please let us know what you think of Della through the Della Platform and it will help us continually improve the product.

If you need any help with the platform, please reach out to us via the chat functionality or go to the help center within the Della app where you can find useful articles.

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