Importin​g historical contracts with Della


Della's AI-assisted data recovery

Getting to grips with your contracts and streamlining your contracting process often begins with implementing a contract management platform. This is great for new contract set up but what about your existing contracts? Importing historical contracts with Della is as simple as that.

We can help you during the configuration phase and review document samples to reach a certain level of accuracy before extraction all the data. As a user, you will always have the support of the Della team.

Download this document to learn:

  • Why AI-assisted data recovery is better than manually importing your contracts
  • The importance of accessing your historical contracts to progress with your projects
  • 3 service options that Della can offer to help you get a clear overview of your contractual landscape

Who can Della's legal contract AI help?

The Della Platform has been built specifically for lawyers in law firms and in-house legal departments to use to accelerate their legal contract review using artificial intelligence (AI) during an audit or at the pre-signature stage.

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Law firms

Law firms of any size can benefit from the Della Platform’s AI capabilities to help with legal contract review for due diligence, compliance, lease analysis and more.

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Legal departments

Della easily integrates with your existing legal document and contract storage solution and helps you to track, organise and review historic and incoming contracts.


Getting started with Della is easy

Accelerate your contract review process and make faster business decisions today.

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