How to achieve your business goals using AI

A guide for General Counsels

93% of general counsels are now members of their company executive management team

According to the 2020 ACC Chief Legal Officers Survey.

As the role of the general counsels (GCs) evolves and becomes more connected with broader business objectives, the way legal departments operate must also adapt and change to stay up with the rest of the organisation.

While attempting to navigate this multifaceted role, in-house lawyers must also keep cool in the face of pressures such as an expanding set of regulations, heightened public scrutiny and increasingly complex contracts.

The modern GC is not only expected to be the guardian of corporate interests against all kinds of potential risks, but also act as ‘business partners’ providing advice and guidance through the world of arcane legalities and regulations. 

So where and how should GCs begin? In this ‘how to’ guide, we discuss how AI can help GCs evolve into the role of a business partner, leading the legal department through digital transformation.

Download this guide to learn:

  • The roles and responsibilities as well as challenges and frustrations for a modern GC
  • 3 ways AI can transform the ways that GCs handle legal documents
  • Why Della should be in a modern GC’s toolkit

Use cases for legal departments

Cost efficiency pressure

Della’s accelerates contract review for legal departments which relieves time pressures and increases efficiency

Regulatory risk

Della helps legal departments stay up to date with regulatory changes with ease

Multijurisdiction deals

Della’s translation capabilities and collaborative checklists reduces the need to outsource to foreign and/or external counsel


A pragmatic approach to AI for legal departments

In this white paper, we explore the challenges involved in modernising your legal department. Download to discover a pragmatic approach to AI and learn why it is a core building block for building a modern legal department.


Getting started with Della is easy

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