Do you read your contracts? Unfortunately I didn’t – the story of Della.

A few people have been asking me why @Nicolas Chauville and I decided to start Della.

 The first time I thought about building Della, was when lawyers discovered issues in contracts, almost stopping the sale of Fundspire, my first business.

I wish every entrepreneur knew in advance about any time bombs hiding in their contracts.

It makes a transaction (not to mention everyday operations) much less stressful. Most never get this done properly. It’s too time consuming and too expensive to review all your contracts manually. 

The good news is we built Della to help lawyers and businesspeople get answers about their contracts using AI. 

If you are an entrepreneur or in charge of a business, we want you to know more about your contracts and your risk. So that you don’t get blindsided and you increase your chance of success. 

If you are a lawyer we want to make it easy for you to review contracts faster so that you can focus on your clients’ success. 

This is our “raison d’être”.

Christophe Frèrebeau, CEO and co-founder of Della

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