A smart contract review assistant to help lawyers do their job faster

The Della Platform is a legal contract AI solution built for lawyers so that they can remain firmly in the driving seat

della platform legal contract ai solution

How does the Della Platform work?

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Create your own checklists to ask your most important questions in your own words or use one of Della’s existing checklists to find the answers to your contractual questions

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Check and verify the answers that the Della Platform provides to help our AI get smarter and more accurate for your next contract review

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Extract the data that you need and create customised reports in the format that you require whether this is Excel, Word doc or PDF

Who can Della's legal contract AI help?

The Della Platform has been built specifically for lawyers in law firms and in-house legal departments to use to accelerate their legal contract review using artificial intelligence (AI) during an audit or at the pre-signature stage.

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Law firms

Law firms of any size can benefit from the Della Platform’s AI capabilities to help with legal contract review for due diligence, compliance, lease analysis and more.

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Legal departments

Della easily integrates with your existing legal document and contract storage solution and helps you to track, organise and review historic and incoming contracts.

Della's typical use cases

From day-to-day legal contract AI analysis to large volume document review for business or regulatory reasons, the Della Platform can help.

multijurisdictional M&A due diligence

Multijurisdictional M&A due diligence

Law firms of any size can benefit from Della’s AI capabilities to help with due diligence, compliance, lease analysis and more.

Compliance with GDPR

Compliance with GDPR

Della helps you to easily check agreements using your internal policy checklists to ensure you are following compliance and are aware of regulatory risks.

Cross-border deals

Cross-border deals

Della’s multiligual capabilities overcome challenges involved in cross-border deals by allowing teams to upload documents in one language and ask questions in another.

accelerate processes in your real estate department

Real estate lease review

Della can significantly shortens the time it takes to review leases and create customised reports, typically saving between 50 to 70% of a lawyers’ time.

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Cost efficiency pressure

Della is easy to use and significantly accelerates the contract review process. Our ready-made checklists reduces the need to outsource work to specialised law firms.

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Regulatory risk

Della can use your compliance playbook to analyse client contracts and spot potential issues. Della can analyse Data Processing Agreements (DPAs) to help determine GDPR compliance.

The Della Platform's advanced AI

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Massive language models

The Della Platform is built on massive language models which are pre-trained with enormous amounts of data

Della AI Rapid adoption

Rapid adoption

This means that Della’s AI does not require large amounts of legal data and human supervision…

The Della Platform massive language models

Smart technology

…and it is smarter because you are building upon an existing layer of intelligence.

The benefits of Della's AI

The Della Platform has been built on a massive language model which we means that we have a very unique approach to the use of artificial intelligence for contract revew. 

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Easy to use

It only takes 10 minutes for a new user to get started with the Della Platform

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The Della Platform has already been trained on 20+ languages and continues to be trained on more

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Our models learn directly from your corrections so you can review documents faster each time

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Customised outputs

From Excel to customised Word reports, Della’s output can fit a broad range of use cases

Advanced Security

Our platform has been certified as ISO 27001 compliant

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