Della Joins MDR LAB Improve Programme

Press release Della joins MDR LAB Improve Programme

LONDON, UK, Thursday 11 November 2021

Leading law firm Mishcon de Reya has selected Della to join its 2021 MDR LAB Legal Tech Programme. The move will make Della’s uniquely intuitive, artificial intelligence (AI) driven contract analytics platform available to selected teams across the firm; enabling them to put Della’s powerful AI core, intuitive design and seamless workflows to the test. 

Dan Sinclair, Head of MDR LAB – part of the Mishcon de Reya Group, which incubates and invests in early-stage start-ups in the legal space, comments: “From our experience running the LAB, the tools that are able to cross the initial ‘adoption chasm’ are those that can provide value out of the gate, have low barriers to usage and can slot into existing work and data flows. That is what drew us to Della and I am looking forward to seeing the product in action over the coming months.” 

Della’s relationship with Mishcon de Reya began prior to joining MDR LAB with a small number of users in the Real Estate Practice using the tool to accelerate the document review process. One of Della’s first tasks in the LAB will be to develop a “triage” tool, which will help the Real Estate Practice to identify important or unusual documents, providing value earlier in the contract review process.

Dulcie Pearson, a legal technologist in Mishcon de Reya’s Real Estate Practice, who was instrumental in Della joining MDR LAB and helps to manage adoption of new technologies  internally, comments: “We have been looking for an intuitive tool to enable our teams to review their contracts faster, and Della does exactly that. It lets us ask questions about our contracts, in plain English and get clear answers. Quickly. That functionality matches the way our teams actually work on a daily basis, so I can see Della helping us in a number of practice areas beyond Real Estate in the future.” 

Christophe Frèrebeau, founder and CEO of Della, concludes: “We are extremely proud to be joining the MDR LAB Improve Programme, after working with Mishcon de Reya’s Real Estate Practice. Working with MDR LAB will allow us to test our AI in a number of additional scenarios, with different teams, and unlock further benefits for our clients. We do not see ourselves as a replacement for the firm’s existing contract analysis tools; instead we want to modernise how highly efficient teams keep track of the risks and obligations that exist across their contractual landscape.”

While traditional contract review focuses on clause detection and data extraction, Della’s simple to set up and easy to use, contract analysis and review tool, takes away that complexity. Using proprietary AI and NLP, Della lets users ask questions about their contracts in plain English (and multiple other languages), and get clear answers. Providing Google-like functionality that enables legal professionals to gain actionable insight into their contracts, without much of the manual effort and training that is required to set up and use many existing tools. 

Della also learns every time it’s used, allowing users to review their contracts faster. In fact, it only takes 10 mins for a new user to start using Della. Powered by massive language models, Della reduces time-to-value, while ensuring the use of a sophisticated contract analysis and review tool is achievable for firms of all sizes.

Della’s platform only launched in January 2020, and is already being used by small and large law firms, across multiple countries and several large multinational corporations. Those law firm partners range in size, from top UK and European law firms, to smaller boutique providers and enterprise organisations. Della’s customers include: Eversheds Sutherland, Fidal, Wolters Kluwer, and Content Square (USA). The smallest law firm currently using Della has 12 lawyers. Last year, Della launched a partnership with Wolters Kluwer to provide Della to their contract management platform customers.  

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