Organise your contracts with ease

Accelerate contract lifecycle management in legal departments.

Della helps legal departments every day by speeding up contract negotiations. Our technology helps with compliance or business historical contract review, enabling general counsel to keep track of their risks and obligations across their contractual landscape.

How Legal Departments Use Della

Della extracts data from your contracts so that you can keep on top of your obligations and in line with your organisation’s playbooks.

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Della analyses historic contracts allowing you to conduct internal reviews with minimal fuss.

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Della allows you to track key metrics throughout your contract library.

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Della can integrate with your current contract storage solution.

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Incoming contracts

Della can review contracts against your organisation’s playbook to expedite the approvals process.

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Historic Analysis

Della enables you to customise how your concerns are reported to help you to reduce unnecessary alerts. 

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Bespoke Playbooks

Della can review and organise your existing contracts so that you can understand and interpret your historic data.


Getting started with Della is easy

Accelerate your contract review process and make faster business decisions today.