Della accelerates its development in the German-speaking world

We are thrilled to announce that Della is joining Legal Tech Hub Vienna’s third cohort.

Selected from 45 legal tech companies from around the globe, Della will benefit from a 5 month program with access to top mentors and business development opportunities with some of Austria’s most prominent law firms and industry leaders like Deutsche Telekom.

Our admission recognizes the performance of Della’s multilingual AI and complements our international development strategy with our offices split between London and Paris and a focus on serving languages and geographies that have had less attention from the legal tech community.

LTHV is a unique opportunity for Della to strengthen and improve our model and our offering in German following successful deployments in English, French and Dutch.

Initial interest seems to be oriented around the review of NDA, Leases and traditional due diligence in German. If you are also interested in this type of review or other type of AI assisted contract review in German or other European languages don’t hesitate to contact us. 

About LTHV:

Founded by seven Law Firms, Legal Tech Hub Vienna is an inter-office purely private-sector initiative of those law firms. Its core objective is to lead the legal industry into a proactive, client oriented and innovative digital future. The hub looks beyond the borders of Austria, with a focus on central and Eastern Europe.

LTH Vienna is engaged in a variety of activities to explore and shape the Legal Universe and redesign legal advice to make it make sense for clients


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