Could a checklist save your reputation?

As a lawyer, are you reviewing contracts? Checklist could help you.

You take pride in your client trust. But you have to earn that trust, again and again on every transaction, every contract you review. You work hard to keep this trust. Sharing your workload is hard, as it takes time to trust someone to help. You are the one being trusted. Your reputation is the one on the line. 

One mistake, one oversight could break your reputation. 

You provide direction to your juniors and check their work. At first it’s even more work for you. Hopefully it gets better. Until they switch positions, and you have to start over.

You end up spending more time reviewing contracts than you should. 

The good news is you could use checklist to ensure juniors learn faster and reduce your risk of error. With checklists, quality just gets better and better. And you are in control not just of your own work but of the work your are delegating.

Checklist might seems like a piece of old tackle. But they work for the aviation industry, the medical industry and the finance industry. They actually work because these industries were faced with more and more complex processes. Just like lawyers with regulations and globalisation these days.


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