Cost efficiency pressure

Use cases for legal departments

The need for cost efficient solutions

General Counsels, as the title suggests, tend to be generalists rather than specialists which results in a need to outsource certain legal tasks to third parties. Delegating the workload in this manner is expensive and adds to the cost efficiency pressure on GCs to keep their costs down.

Internal clients often want immediate answers.

The Della Platform is easy to use by general counsels because it requires you to have legal rather than technical knowledge. They can reuse the same checklist and Della’s translation capability to relieve time pressure and increase efficiency.

With Della, you can assign tasks to internal stakeholders as well share highly detailed or very specific reports increasing said effectiveness.

Download this use case to learn how the Della Platform can help General Counsels efficiently manage their legal spend by removing the reliance on third party support on specialist legal matters.

Use cases for legal departments

Della’s accelerates contract review for legal departments which relieves time pressures and increases efficiency

Della helps legal departments stay up to date with regulatory changes with ease

Della’s translation capabilities and collaborative checklists reduces the need to outsource to foreign and/or external counsel


Getting started with Della is easy

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