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By creating a community-based model which continually improves through increased usage, larger law firms can reduce their time-to-value and keep their clients happy. Smaller firms can leverage the sophisticated contract analysis at an affordable rate without the need to train their own models.

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Simple contract review for law firms

della platform legal contract ai solution

Many projects require law firms to review large volumes of contracts and despite this heavy workload, many lawyers continue to review these documents manually. The challenge facing law firms is that reviewing these documents properly at the hourly rate can prove to be too expensive for it to make sense for clients.

It is widely accepted that automating the contract review process is the only way to keep up.

Della’s AI technology has changed the landscape by making contract review projects easy and manageable without the need to train the model. Della helps with a variety of projects in law firms including contract reviews, repapering projects across departments, data privacy, employment, pensions, M&A and the list goes on.

How law firms use Della's AI for contract review

From large multijurisdictional M&A due diligence projects to niche projects, law firms can conduct their contract review with ease using the Della Platform

Multijurisdictional M&A due diligence

Della is pre-trained on standard M&A, due diligence questions and potentially problematic clauses.

Cross border deals

Della’s multiligual capabilities allows teams to upload documents in one language and ask questions in another.

Regulatory risk

Ask Della to use your compliance playbook to analyse client contracts and spot potential issues.

Lease analysis

Della can find standard lease provisions and metrics across a wide contract portfolio.

Force majeure

Della can detect contractual risks during the Covid-19 crisis.

Compliance with GDPR

Della can analyse Data Processing Agreements (DPAs) to help determine GDPR compliance.


How to build a winning AI contract review strategy for European law firms

How to build a winning AI contract review strategy for European law firms

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