Helping modernise legal departments with contract review

Our technology helps general counsels (GCs) and legal operations teams keep track of their risks and obligations across their contractual landscape.

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Simple contract review for legal departments

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The role of the in-house lawyer is complex. Their job is to protect the business against potential risk. They also need to support the rest of the business to understand complex contracts and changing regulations. Unsurprisingly, legal departments are overstretched.

The Della Platform is a simple to use contract review solution which can accelerate the contract review process for in-house lawyers. The typical use cases that Della can support with include: cost efficiency, regulatory risk and cross border deals.


How legal departments use Della's AI for contract review

The Della Platform can help legal departments accelerate contract review by finding the answers to their contractual questions. This helps them keep on top of legal, reputational and commercial risks that might affect the business

Incoming contracts


Using Della you can analyse historic contracts which allows you to conduct internal reviews with minimal fuss



You can track key metrics throughout your contract library

integration contract review for legal departments


You can integrate the Della Platform with your current contract storage solution

expedite approvals contract review for legal departments

Expedite approvals

You can review contracts against your organisation’s playbook in the Della Platform to expedite the approvals process

reduce risk contract review for legal departments

Reduce risks

The Della Platform enables you to customise how your concerns are reported to help you to reduce unnecessary alerts

Historical analysis

Using Della, you can review and organise your existing contracts so that you can understand and interpret your historic data


A pragmatic approach to AI for legal departments

In this white paper, we explore the challenges involved in modernising your legal department. Download to discover a pragmatic approach to AI and learn why it is a core building block for building a modern legal department.

Use cases for legal departments

Cost efficiency pressure

Della’s accelerates contract review for legal departments which relieves time pressures and increases efficiency

Regulatory risk

Della helps legal departments stay up to date with regulatory changes with ease

Multijurisdiction deals

Della’s translation capabilities and collaborative checklists reduces the need to outsource to foreign and/or external counsel


How to achieve your business goals using AI

In this ‘how to’ guide, we discuss how AI can help general counsels evolve into the role of a business partner and lead the legal department through digital transformation.


Getting started with Della is easy

Accelerate your contract review process and make faster business decisions today.

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