About Della

We’re a team of 20 legal professionals and AI technologists working between London and Paris to make legal contracts easier for lawyers and their clients to understand.

We’re a friendly bunch, as you’ll know if we’ve met at a legaltech event – and are always hiring for new roles. Come join us!

Our AI platform has picked up a few industry awards

Our story

When the sale of one of Christophe’s previous businesses was stopped in its tracks by some small print in a customer contract, CEO Christophe Frerebeau thought:

Surely there’s a quicker way for laywers and entrepreneurs to identify what’s buried in the small print?

He teamed up with CTO Nicolas Chauville, who recognised that breakthroughs in NLP could help solve this problem… And so Della was born.

Right now we’re a team of more than 20 ex-legal professionals AI and technologists, based betweem Paris and London to make legal contracts easier to understand for more than 150 users at some of Europe’s best-respected law firms and legal departments.

Our mission

We want to make it easy for firms of all sizes to review contracts and legal documents with their own checklist or playbook as fast and accurately as possible.

What makes Della unique?

Other available legal AI solutions focus on detecting clauses. While this initially might appear an easier method, the solution is not easy to scale. The system needs to learn not only to detect specific clauses but whether or not the individual obligations in those clauses are acceptable for you.

At Della, we take a different approach; we allow you to ask your own questions, in your own words.

Della AI Advanced-AI legal contract review

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If you’re interested in working with AI technology to define the future of the legal space, we’re interested in working with you. Join us to work on the NLP models that are making AI a reality for many of Europe’s top law firms.