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Della accelerates the contract review process so lawyers can spend more time on legal work rather than paperwork

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How is Della different?

Rapid adoption

Rapid adoption

Della has been built for lawyers and is extremely simple to use


Cutting edge AI

Our innovative AI technology can help you review contracts quickly

Multilingual capabilities

Multilingual capabilities

Della has already been trained on 20+ languages

Advanced reporting

Advanced reporting

Della can help you with due diligence reports, repapering, contract summarisation and negotiations

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What our customers say

Law Firm
This is an AI that feels intelligent. Using Della greatly increased our ability to compete on price on due diligence.
Corporate partner
SSB Partners
Legal department
Helping us keep track of the important points in our agreement both in French and in English with ease.
Office Depot
Law Firm
Della is quickly learning to analyse the document in the way we need it to which is saving us time during audit. This is clearly the future.

The Della Platform is an award winning tool


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